Eiric Skaaren

Chief Investment Officer and Deputy CEO

Before joining SPG, Eiric was working as CEO for a private equity company in New York, with high focus on developing different companies where the aim was to achieve a favorable exit. Since 1996, he has been involved in developing and selling midsize to large size businesses, including electricity production companies, electrical infrastructure companies, manufacturing companies, upstream oil & gas companies, commercial property development companies and other service companies. In addition to work with M&A projects, Eiric has handled several court cases within his capacity as a Lawyer.

As Chief Investment Officer, Eiric is responsible for investments in the holding company and its subsidiaries with the aim to develop current and new business assets. The main focus will be growth, which includes amongst others acquiring or merging with other businesses.

Eiric holds a Master’s Degree in Law from the University of Oslo and a Bachelor of Management degree from the BI Sandvika. He is currently working on an MBA degree at NHH, specialising in M&A.

Christophe Drouillet

Senior Executive, Electricity Business

Before joining SPG, Christophe worked as an international business lawyer or a business executive in various companies and in various fields of activity: Pharmaceuticals, Music & Entertainment, IT and Smart Cities, Insurance & Financial products.

As Senior Executive in charge of the Electricity business, Christophe is responsible for the day-to-day operations in Norway, Sweden and Spain (Elevo Norge AS, Kraftcom AS, Energisupport AS, Kraftviken AB, Kraftviken Energi AB, Kraftcom BCN, SL). Christophe is based in Barcelona and works 50% from the SPG's office in Barcelona and 50% from the SPG's office in Lysaker, Oslo.


Christophe holds a Master’s Degree in Private and Commercial Law from the University of Paris 2 Panthéon Assas and a Master's Degree International Business Lawyer from the University of Paris 5 René Descartes.

Tina Haaland

Head of Invoicing, Electricity Business

Before joining SPG, Tina worked in different positions in the telecom industry, both in B2B and B2C, including store manager.

As Head of Invoicing, Tina is responsible for all processes around systems and invoicing for the whole electricity business. Tina is based in the SPG's office in Barcelona. 

Tina holds a Bachelor Degree in Marketing Management  specialising in Key Account Management from the BI Norwegian Business School.

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